Molini Spigadoro is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Molini Spigadoro
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Molini Spigadoro operates in Umbria, the "green heart" of Italy, a land known worldwide for his vocation and agribusiness for quality agricultural crops. Its origins and its geographical position, which place in the beautiful setting of Assisi, make a company attentive to the values ​​of respect, of accountability and transparency. Molini Spigadoro is now an industry benchmark for innovation of production processes, the production of special flours and superior quality. Thanks to a dynamic and consistent business development, inspired by the experimentation and the search for excellence, the company is placed on the flour market with a wide range of products and strongly characterized: a classic line for bakery products, to those specifications for baking and the pizza, to the line of high nutritional value.