Vastarredo is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Luciana Salvatorelli
(+39) 0873-31421
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In 60 years our roots have always been part of the Italian entrepreneurship of industrial and crafts companies. We grow up by facing the market and its challenges thanks to our values, the same values that allowed us to overcome several difficulties ( always stimulating, though ). Synergies between brands, proposals of creating business networks, strategies that continue to evolve: such actions made us evolve continuously, always towards the future. From our past we derived experience and professionalism. Today we continue to innovate and we are already prepared for the future. We are a company with ethical values, innovation and respect towards the environment. Developing new products to be positioned on new market’s areas is the challenge we want to face and win. We work with passion and constancy. We want to create a better life for this generation and the next one. Our choice to offer a preliminary consultancy to our customers is an important value that is based on the work of a professional team specialized in the design of furnishing systems. We are a group with expertise. We listen to our customers in order to propose solutions tailored to their specific needs. Today we are a company with branch offices distributed all over the national territory. And we are growing. Every new need is required by the market, we satisfy it with our professional skills.