SAIB is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Pierangelo Losi
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Over the last ten years SAIB has gained considerable market shares on the local and International scenes, thanks to investments focused on creating high-tech and high-quality products, respectful of consumer and the environment. One continuous production line for raw chipboard panels and four short cycle lamination lines allow the processing of 1,600 daily tons of recycled wood for an annual manufacture of 2 million panels, properly customized on the specific clients’ requests The constant research for new decors and finishing, has brought to subscribe exclusive partnerships with important International companies: • in alliance with BASF we developed LIGHT, the chipboard with an innovative particleboard which is 20% lighter than the standard ones • along with COVERIGHT we created SILVERBOARD, the first melamine faced chipboard with naturally 100% antibacterial surface.