Style in Italy is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Style in Italy
Fernanda Rosadini
(+39) 0575 411052
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A passion born from the founders meant that Style in Italy has become a real enterprise that provides its customers with a product and service of the highest quality, through a strategy of renewal and continuity in working with brands signed by designers and authors of international value. Style in Italy has its main strength in a legacy of long experience in the production of man outerwear; which allowed us to re-introduce the Italian high quality in suits, blazers, coats and in the outerwear’s world that compose the wardrobe of a true gentleman. The range of productive achievements begins from a completely hand-made canvassed garment, up to fully deconstructedthrough half-canvassed and fused garments. Our staff handles every type of fabric and it operate, where required, with special washing and dyes necessary to give form to the fashion creations of designer or to the specific projects of the brand.