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mauro frigerio
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The star since the 50 of the then fledgling industry of decorative laminate, Confalonieri is one of the most important companies in the gravure printing industry and impregnation melamine, creating interior design projects that unfold in every detail, from the walls, the furniture, the floors up to furnishings. The range of products is an expression of a continuous creative and stylistic research and includes approximately 900 decorations, targeted to interpret the different current events stylistic trends: from natural materials such as wood and stone to the most diverse surfaces such as concrete and metal, up to textures textile inspiration and pure abstract geometries. Today the company has about 900 series of cylinders for printing: a heritage in which specific know-how and innovation meet to reflect better the more contemporary styles. The product range includes 48 products, divided into four categories: PPF - printed plastic film DEC - printed decorative papers MEL - melamine papers for laminates to high and low pressure FINISH - finished cards and paintable ranging from pre - to post soaked up the edges. The variety of the proposal are matched by the production quality and management efficiency, which allow Confalonieri to work with all the major companies, in complete control of every stage of processing and showing great attention to the respect for the environment.