SAPONERIE MARIO FISSI is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

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The soap specialist from 1937. Tradition, quality and special blends.

Saponerie Mario Fissi occupy a covered factory area of 6.000 sq.m., located in a strategic position in the inner suburbs of Florence. The old manufacturing methods have not been abandoned, these are still the most appropriate in the creation of special recipes, using both animal and vegetable fats. On the strength of these figures, Mario Fissi group is specialised in working for third party trademarks, a field in which it has managed to achieve excellent results even in terms of turnover.

Eighty years after the birth of the Saponerie Mario Fissi S.p.a. as an industrial entity, the company is still run today by a branch of the Fissi family. Nothing has been lost of those old traditions which made the quality and care of the product the essential priorities.