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Francesco Ballin
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DYVA: ELEGANCE AND COMFORT 1978 - Stemming from the passion for women's shoes, a small workshop was opened in Venice. This workshop began, almost immediately, working alongside some of the most important names in the Italian fashion industry, and thanks to the determination and to the expert skills offered achieved numerous success over the years. Result the creation of the brand Dyva. 1992 - This small workshop was transformed into an industrial production site located in the famous and acknowledged shoemaking region: Riviera del Brenta. By encompassing tradition, experience and innovation Dyva expanded into the most important international markets offering superior quality products with that unmistakable Italian design. 2001 - This family passion for shoes was handed down by Francesco and Marina, the owners, to their children and together, today, they keep this time lasting tradition of Master Shoemakers alive combining it with the most modern fashion trends. TODAY - Elegance and comfort merge. This is Dyva�s goal, exporting worldwide its design and true quality by meticulously selecting the leather and accessories. A product which is produced entirely in Italy with 100% Italian materials aiming at offering shoes that are comfortable to wear throughout the entire day. This tradition handed down from father to son is combined with the most sophisticated technologies and traditional handcrafting techniques giving life to a dream.