GNV is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Fashion accessories
Giampiero Vico
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GNV: the experience, the passion and the entrepreneurship of two brothers, Giampiero and Nicola Vico. The story of a small workshop which has turned into a solid and established company. The vocation and skill of the past teamed with the most advanced technological breakthroughs. Expressing personality through stylistic research. Understanding where and how trends are moving. Capturing that moment when inspiration is at its peak. Ideas, emotions and creativity take shape, becoming items filled with charm and style. The result is GNV footwear. And the GNV philosophy. Tradition and innovation, craftsmanship processes and modern machinery, all combine to give rise to the exclusive and beguiling creations offered by GNV. From the creation of the last to the assembly of all the components, from the choice of fine hides to the treatment of natural materials, right through to the delicate quality control: every single step of the production process is performed in-house, to guarantee 100% Made in Italy. Painstaking care for details and the perfect balance of quality, comfort and fashion. These are the advantages expressed in both the company's brands: Giampiero Nicola, the company�s historic brand of men�s footwear and Andrea Lattanzi, dedicated to the female universe.