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Anna Pugnetti
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Craftsmanship and technology, tradition and research, history and the future. These are the souls that magically intertwine in the style that characterizes the Maglificio Gp, where every head is something precious and unique. A style that has been able to conquer great fashion designers, but it also intrigues emerging designers. With an unmistakable charm, Valmorea's company, for three decades in the clever hands of her sisters, Anna and Sissi, the third generation of the Pugnetti family, in 2016 cut off the 70th year of foundation. An important anniversary, celebrating the success of this business story, blossomed in 1946, just after the war, thanks to grandfather Gino Pugnetti, and then continued with Father Piero and Mum Olga. "We are always at the service of our customers: we work to translate their creativity into exclusive items - explains Anna Pugnetti - We have a high target. But anyone who speaks to us knows that he can count on a know-how that does not equal. " Already, because 70 years of industry experience, an archive with more than 5,000 drawings, 1,500 thematic books from around the world, and hundreds of workmanship and points solutions, are in fact an added value. "Sometimes the customer knows what he wants, but at other times, it's our style office that helps them shape their fantasies."