COMATEC is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Giovanni Pietro Pelagrilli
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The continuous research in the sector of the Home and Industrial Automation and our duty to propose to the future generations instruments able to respect the environment, make of our company, at almost a quarter century of its creation, a company in the vanguard for what regards the design and realization of new systems for the conversion and management of the energy that allow to: Increase the performance and reduce the consumption. Contain the weight and the dimensions of the products. Optimize the electrical characteristics, in particular for what regards the electromagnetic emissions. Extend the longevity of the products. Propose products realized with recyclable materials. With a particular attention to the market exigencies and by making ours the environmental safeguard, we Comatec Hi-Tech Srl, in constructive collaboration with our customers, "Develop today the technology of tomorrow"