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Cheeses and milk by-products
Giuseppe Maldera
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Caseificio Maldera srl born in 2006 in Corato, thanks to Giuseppe Maldera who decided to continue his grandfather activity started in 1972. Activity started in a land full of history in which the cows found their ideal habitat. Nowadays Caseificio Maldera continues its grandfather activity, with the same passion and the same enthusiasm, offering our customers high quality product. Our products are the real protagonists of our story. They are the result of the experience and the passion that guided us along these years. The attention in the production and the quality of the material let our products become the expression of our land and of its unique flavors. Starting with Burrata, the heart of our production and of apulian dairy tradition, in the years we manage to modify, to improve and to differentiate the product until we obtain four different typologies of it. Our production includes mozzarella in its different making of fiordilatte, nodding and trecce; stracciatella, another product of the tradition; fresh cheese as giuncata; smoked cheese. Each product is unique in its flavor but they all have something in common: our milk and our tradition.