INTEGRA SALUS is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Angela Nirvana Mauri
(+39) 0424468070
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CSGB Italia, producer of the brand Integra Salus is surrounded by greenery and the mountains of Roana, one of the seven municipalities that make up the wonderful and well-known area of the Asiago Plateau, which is centrally located in the Venetian Pre-Alps range, and is in the province of Vicenza. Every good project has its roots in the spiritual dimension of people who pursue it. CSGB Italia has built its business plan on this basis; in the spiritual dimension lurks the passion, the love, respect, loyalty and culture for our work; a project which does not see profit as the ultimate goal, but we decided to retrieve a lost ancient knowledge, a slow wisdom that prefers the rhythms of nature and the seasons to the acceleration of these rhythms for profit. This spiritual dimension and harmony accompanying the cultivation and production work goes far beyond a simplistic concept tied to the concepts of “natural” and “organic” and is a significant feature of the “Integra Salus” brand. Produce only from natural raw materials and naturally derived materials, without using petroleum or synthetic products, is a brave choice, many companies that advertise a natural product actually speak only of active ingredients which are added to a very rich base of everything but raw materials.