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Maurizio Domenici
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Every Nailover product is designed and manufactured in our laboratories, and then tested and verified before being distributed so we can offer the highest salon performance and winning performance in the competitions." The innovative formula makes Nailover a true evolution of existing products all over the world: new chemical composition, latest generation pigmentation with brilliant colors, extremely workable. Nailover laboratories design and develop new formulas by refining raw materials and processing techniques, creating innovative and highly effective products, complying with current regulations. Each product is designed to meet the needs of leading professionals and instructors in the field of nail art and nail art. Nailover products are a winning choice in competitions. Easy to apply, extraordinary to work, guarantee maximum results even for the most extreme look. Distributed in Italian, fashionable, and extremely functional packaging. For example, the overlac line is presented in soft saturated Nero Satin glass flasks with matching overcap, the capsule is easy to open thanks to the knurl that allows a perfect and ergonomic grip, designed to facilitate operator work. The small capsule allows considerable handling even for re-constructed nails. It avoids product waste by limiting the spillage without also risking product closure for polymerization of excesses spilled.