TELERIA ZED is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Giovanni Zansavio
(+39) 0861296019
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THE RETRIEVED PANT In times of confused neurasthenia a memory took form and intention. The ancient fabric mill, the old tailor's knobby hands, his passion for those perfectly fit pants he painted on his affectionate and elegant customers... KNOWING Knowing, doing, being. Teleria Zed is the revival of an ancient dexterity in pant production combined with treatments research and innovation. MEMORY Dexterity and tradition. Special ribbons, hand-assembled shaped waistbands, open trimmed seams , traditional tie-jacquard insert, linings, and that tract of coloured tacking reminding tailoring art, hand and eye RESEARCH Innovation and the continuous search in special treatments aimed at giving sober and new tactile and visual effects. The study of colourtones, the manufacturing techniques, the unusual washings... ETHICALLY Teleria Zed stems out of an ethical urge – the return to essence and reliability as the sole ways out for our world.