ANNIE P is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

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Stefania Calosi
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Annie P was born in 2006 from the experience of Anna and Piero, who share a dream: Introducing the path of recovery of excellence in the production of dresses in the most authentic Italian tradition. The town of Martina Franca is the starting point, recognized for over a century as the "Sovrana" Valley in the Made in Italy production. In this enchanting place, the encounter between sartorial recovery and the most innovative industrial processes takes place, reaching very high peaks of productive quality. The Adventure for Itria Moda began ten years ago on behalf of major brands in the international jet-set, until attention is fully shifted to ANNIE P, which represents a natural vocation for Italian fashion. The love and care of detail, the international style is led by Anna, while production is under the control of Piero.