LUDOVICA MASCHERONI is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Roberta Caglio
(+39) 031764203
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Even today, after decades of experience, our company is still following and enhancing the expertise and skills we have gained day in and day out. This is the essence of a work culture based on learning from “everyday experience”, using our hands and our hearts, building a knowhow that meets specific rules regarding quality and perfection. After years of work with the world’s most important furniture, fashion, and design companies, we have developed our own experience in haute couture, combining our knowhow with traditional furniture workmanship and crafting. Our creations arise from the use of bygone tools – our hands – constantly moving in rhythmic movements, stitching with the utmost precision, flipping the leather and the thick leather over and over again, leading to a level of perfection that comes close to art.