MALAVENDA 1872 is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

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Malavenda Cafè Bar and Pastisserie was officilally established in 1872 throught the delicated work of its founder Demetrio Malavenda. From the outset Malavenda set and maintained execellence throught its highest quality products. In a short time the specialism of Malavenda Cafè Bar and Pastisserie left the the confines of Calabria and began distributing cakes and products throughout the region. Over the years, Malavenda's consistant high quality has been put to the test and we are happy to say that never have standards fallen. The excel lence of its unique pastries and onfectionary remain, still second to none. Since the 1980's Doctor Demetrio Malavenda has further transformed the "family" Businnes into a thriving moder, commercial concern whilst managing to maintain family tradition and the secret of its success: meticulous, hand-made craftman ship.