LUIS FRANCIACORTA is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Orietta Mensi
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At the end of the '70s Luigi bought the land with 3 hectares of vineyards and 1 of olive grove to make his wine dedicated to the family and his friends. The first few years pass by reconverting some hectares to vineyards (currently, in fact, 12 hectares are planted) and in the construction of the first winery in 1986. "With the first winery - says Paolo - we began to think we could do something more than a wine destined for family use and a few intimates, but we wanted to wait even more dedicating ourselves to the creation of new vineyards". The "breakthrough" arrives at the end of the Nineties. Just then Paolo and his father decide that their product could also be placed on the market. On April 1, 2001 Paolo, with a certain irony that distinguishes him, gave birth to the farm "Le Due Querce". In 2002 the first vintage of the Due Querce sparkling wine was bottled. In 2005 his father Luigi disappeared prematurely and Paolo wanted to dedicate to him as the founder the name of Franciacorta wines. "An intense emotion - Paolo recalls, with his genuineness that also characterizes his products - for all my family: our wine, my father's dream come true".