ALBERTINE is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Emanuele Ferrero
(+39) 0110464830
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Hi, my name is Alexandra and this is my dream. I grew up cultivating a great passion, that for Fashion, and following the ambition of creating a recognisable and amusing style. Over the years I've been studying, experimenting and playing with materials, shapes, colours and have learned that Fashion (with a capital letter!) is born from rules and grows up not following them, to eventually become an expression of absolute freedom. For Body and Spirit. I have learned that Fashion is neither simple nor granted: it's a mix of nuances, tastes and sensations. A constant medley of tradition and innovation, care for detail, and liveliness. For this reason I created a top-notch product responding to every woman's desire for versatility. A product for everyday wear that every day maintains its uniqueness. So ALBERTINE were born: décolleté (court) shoes finely manufactured according to the great Italian craftsmanship, made unique by the special attention paid to design. Play makes life electrifying, and ALBERTINE allow women wearing them to constantly play with elegance and taste. ALBERTINE are my very personal play ... and play is – for me – the most serious thing in the world.