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Piergiorgio Anzaghi
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RiverPharma is a Science Based Pharmaceutical Company committed to Research & Innovation. Piergiorgio Anzaghi, entrepreneur and chemist with a long pharmaceutical experience, founded Riverpharma in 2005 with an innovative plan: to make use of his knowledge in the pharmaceutical field to develop a line of Natural Nutraceutical Products that can reflect the basic principles of the pharmaceutical product: safety, quality and especially effectiveness. Always at his side since the Company's origin, his wife Maristella Bianchini has contributed significantly to the image of Riverpharma and his son Paolo, having graduated with a bachelor's degree in Economics and a Master's in Pharmaceutical Marketing, works in the company as an Attorney and the Sales Director of Italy. In its Research Labs, RiverPharma studies and develops Nutraceuticals, Medical Devices and Cosmetics strongly characterized by the completeness of their Formulation and the high functional content of Natural Active Ingredients. They are able to provide avant-garde innovative and High-Quality Formulations, to ensure effective responses to the wellness needs of Users of all ages and in every part of the World. RiverPharma brings together on its Team Chemists and Doctors that enhance the permanent contact with the national and international scientific community to study all the possibilities that Nature and Science have to offer.