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Cheeses and milk by-products
Mauro Preziosa
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The Preziosa Dairy, known as the brand “Mozzarella di Seriate”, was founded on September 12 th 1950 by its initiator, Mr. Teodosio Preziosa, like a craft workshops to produce mozzarella and milk products. Today, to distance of almost seventy years, it is a modern food company that transforms, in an artisanal way, about 110.000 liters of daily milk, picked up by the 40 local historical farms that still confer the raw material in a family relationship and consolidated in tradition, becoming so a strong pride of the company and a fundamental reference point of territorial identity that it represents an exclusivity in the regional scene (Lombardia). The company's main activity is concentrated in the production of meal mozzarella, quality mozzarella for pizza and traditional “ricotta” still made by hand. The products with the brand "Mozzarella of Seriate" are worked departing from a basic concept: “this is a product that is not manufactured, but is made”. The indisputable quality of the products realized in the company is given by three factors key: a workmanship that respects in handicraft way the moment of the transformation of the milk in cheese, the use of raw material of great quality and the innovative technological fittings.