L´ALBERO DEL SOLE is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Sara Calderoni
(+39) 0545954113
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"L'albero del sole" was founded in 1983 by my wife and me. Why and how? A little bit thanks to yoga, a little bit thanks to macrobiotics, a little bit thanks to our matured persuasions to live in a more natural way. So I left my job, installed a baker's oven in my house - right where first was our living room - and I bought a stone mill to grind the grain and to bake organic whole bread. The beginning was hard! To find out the right quantity and temperature, to learn to produce the leaven and above that to find the raw material with the guarantee "organic"…it was a continuous search, a trial and error, sometimes we failed. Our first price list contained only one product: organic "focaccia" (a kind of bread which is known under different names everywhere in Italy) made of whole wheat flour. The production amounted to 15 kg a week! But with time the kinds of bread grew and today we offer 9 different kinds: wheat, sesame, soy, rye, poppy, linseed, sunflower seed…To the bread came sweet and salted rusk, after a few years the famous Italian "grissini" and at least new kinds of biscuits. Today we have added to our production also Gomasio, carefully stone grained. Beyond the products a lot of other things have changed in these years: we had to serve demands of new clients, to regard the new legal regulations…; we had to expend our working area, to buy more machines, to take first one than other employees. But the spirit of the beginning hasn't changed.