BEC-NATURA is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Anna Muscoso
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BeC has become leader and a reference in the production of high quality cosmetics and natural dietary supplements for the Italian market. Given the high quality and content in scientific research, BeC products are mostly intended for a professional use but next to aestheticians and nutritional experts we find that careful and conscious consumers are getting more and more interested. The production respects strict quality controls and rigorous daily tests. The choice of products varies from bath and hair care, skin and body care, sun care lotions to dietary supplements and a rich selections of solutions and formulas for the general care of body blemishes. BeC was born in 1980 from the will and cooperation of the two founding members who are still leading the group. BeC philosophy could be reassumed in just one word: Quality. This Philosophy is an everyday commitment to develop top quality products using only properly selected natural ingredients processed to release maximum efficacy with no damage for our body. Strong of the example of Nature always able to find the right solution to all our human demands, BeC tries to fuse modern chemical and biochemical research with ancient herbalist traditions, in the constant effort to capture the best of the two cultures to provide synergic results. Therefore to our modern production facilities we faced fully equipped research and quality control laboratories equipped with the most up-to-date scientific appliances currently available.