CARLA SANCHEZ is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Tommaso Di Tondo
(+39) 0883582970
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Founded in 1991 in Trani by the Fratelli Di Tondo, the Pret-a-Porter Shoe Factory began its career in the world of footwear, creating an artisanal production with the collaboration of the family and a few employees. Over the years the company has constantly developed at an organizational and structural level, using technologically up-to-date machinery, and at a production level, specializing in the production of women's shoes, managing to maintain and improve its artisan production characteristics. Having already had the favors of customers on the national market, it continues its expansion abroad, where economic operators recognize the right quality - price ratio. The production is aimed at creating a quality product, based on the "MADE IN ITALY", thanks to the collaboration of valid modellers, attentive to fashion trends, the careful choice of materials and the production staff, attentive to the particularities of the product. The commercial structure is composed of a marketing manager, by eight agents operating on the foreign market. The collections are exhibited every year in all the trade fairs specializing in the most important sector in Europe.