Franco Giazzi is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Franco Giazzi
Fashion accessories
Maja Novkovic
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FRANCO GIAZZI was established in Italy in 1985. Following a successful launch during the 80’s, the brand became popular for producing quality leather small goods. Fabio Sopranzetti joined FRANCO GIAZZI when he was only 17 years old and in the 90’s, he was appointed to be a creative director of FRANCO GIAZZI. The brand produces wide range of leather products from small goods to bags. Especially for bags, FRANCO GIAZZI produces bag is not an item that you only carry with. The brand creates bag that women can express themselves in any occasion. Fabio meticulously and personally control every single detail of the brand’s collection. FRANCO GIAZZI products represent the fine Italian craftsmanship and an inimitable quality and attention to detail.