Gelbi is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Mario Petramale
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Gelbi was born in Bisignano, in Calabria, the result of the passion for food engineering of a very greedy but also lactose intolerant entrepreneur. Years of research in collaboration with the University of Calabria's rheology laboratory led him to produce ice cream "very good and with a high technological content", as he likes to declare himself. Finally a tasty ice cream designed to please everyone. For Gelbi we select the best of Italian production because every taste brings with it the colors and scents of the most generous territories. Thus the excellence of the raw materials is unquestionable and our ice cream does not need artificial colors or flavors. Its flavor is genuine, laden with the original taste of 100% Italian seasonal fruit selected from the DOP and IGP crops. Hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios can only come from Sicily while a few kilometers from where we are, we have the best licorice in the world, the Great Calabrese Black, and one of the most renowned cedars, the Liscia Diamante of Santa Maria del Cedro. A daily search of ours because every taste represents also the tasting of a territory with its colors and its perfumes.