Davoli is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

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Our history In Calabria between the green of the olive trees and the red of the grapes, from the pedicollinare area of ​​San Sidero, the richness of the splendid Lametina Plain shines, where, for over a century, the company Fratelli Davoli traces the ancient traditions of its ancestors. The beginnings, dating back to 1890, saw the flourishing activity of the founder Raffaele Davoli. Since then three generations have followed, which have maintained over time, the same passion for the production of wine and oil. The link with the past did not preclude openness to change and innovation, in order to increasingly improve the activity inherited from his grandfather Francesco and his father Domenico Davoli, historical winemakers and wine producers. The Davoli Brothers today: Raffaele, Saverio, Peppino, Francesco, Felice and Maria Grazia, are precious examples of a modern and authentic agricultural family, founded on mutual support to achieve their goals. The Davoli Brothers' farm is located along the Calabrian coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the hills of Lamezia Terme, always the ideal cradle for an extraordinary viticulture. Already in ancient times, Artemidoro, Plinio, Strabone, Plutarco and others, wrote of the fruitful Piana Lametina, on which the company stands today, which has adopted Pliny's motto “Vinum aluntur vires, sanguis calorque hominum” (With wine the forces, the blood and the warmth of men are nourished).