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anonima distillazioni
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Products doc The idea also blends with the entrepreneurial verve of Paola and Gabriele, who come into contact with the world of spirits in eight years of running the "Martintempo" lounge bar in Gubbio. «We focused on the product and the desire to create something unique and organic, for whose certification we started the practices. Last May we got the license and started producing, but the official presentation of our gin will be on September 9th and 10th at Milan's Gin Day ». To do this, the group bought its stills in Monteriggioni, water is strictly local, organic alcohol (raw material purchased therefore without fumes or waste as for other distilleries) while for juniper the origin is more than guaranteed. "Few people know - says Gabriele - but the best gins in the world are produced using what comes from the Umbria-Marche Apennines. In 1720 the English Webb James moved to Tuscany just to procure it and supply it to the companies of Oltremanica. His company is still there and we are his only Italian customers ».