Ciatò is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Vincenzo Nota
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"The Ciatò brand has deep ridiculous passion and love for wine, profuse and handed down, from generation to generation, by my father Vincenzo" Cocciatosta ". Humble, tireless man, lover of taste and genuineness of his land; with his hands he caught those black pearls he had cared for and seen grow. With the same dedication he pressed them and worked hard to obtain that nectar which, together with the blood, caused the flow of his descendants. The classic method we use for our sparkling wines and the memory of familiar gestures and habits that have accompanied my life since I remember it. From here the Ciatò Cellars are born, from a process of innovation in tradition, experimenting with the production of a handmade sparkling wine from the Nero di Troia vineyard, blending up to sublimate in a delicate harmony, the mythological memory of the vine Diomedeo with the bold intuition of whom he has always loved and is passionate about wine. " Luigi Nota