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Paola Castelli
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We are Paola and Marzio: here we have PEM Cosmetik, an Italian company 100%. The friendship with a Moroccan woman who has lived in Italy for many years has led us to visit Morocco, curious about the culture, customs and traditions of that wonderful country, and driven by the desire to make a change in our lives. Fatima and her family welcomed us into their home with a warm hospitality that left us speechless, leading us to discover the scents, colors and flavors of their land. Colorful markets, crowded streets, the ritual of green tea flavored with fresh mint and great body care were a fascinating discovery for us. The latter, which takes place in the Hammam ritual, was perhaps the most unexpected. For the great majority of those people it is an inevitable appointment, to be attended at least once or twice a week. It is not just a time to take care of yourself, promoting harmony and well-being of body and mind, but also a way to socialize. The ritual of the Hammam is a path that includes the sauna, the exfoliation of the skin with the known "Moroccan Black Soap" and finally the massage with Argan oil and other oils. Argan Oil, which has come to the fore in the West in recent years, is perhaps one of the many fashions that, as often happens with us, is destined to pass. But in Morocco it is not so, so much so that every family has always had it at home, as every Italian family has always had at home.