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We are what we do ... For over 40 years with passion The history of the "Salumificio Lavigna" starts from 1966 when Mr. Antonio Lavigna gave life to a butcher shop that also produced a small amount of pork from the Calabrese tradition. Over time he realized that his meats were very popular with people, so he decided to channel his strength more and more into the production of cold cuts, turning the butcher shop into a family-run medium-sized sausage factory. The choice of Mr. Antonio was a success, with the constant increase in demand also increased production allowing Salumi Lavigna to cross the borders of the Calabria region and be appreciated also in other Italian regions, above all by the Calabrese emigrants, who find in them a unique, traditional and different flavor compared to national cured meats. Today our cured meats are present in almost all Italian regions. The distinctive features that characterize the Lavigna salami and which lead them to be still appreciated and praised are, the ancient recipe of Antonio Lavigna, the artisan production processes and the quality of the raw materials. Today the sons of Antonio, Santino and Salvatore Lavigna think about running the family business, who with passion and open minds manage the sausage factory, being careful to respect the distinctive characteristics of the products and the company values ​​handed down by the father but at the same time using the innovations in the food sector, to enhance, communicate and market their meats. In doing so they have succeeded in making their cured meats known more and more recently abroad, thus guaranteeing a rosy and prosperous future for the family sausage factory.