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Milka Pignatelli
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The ALMACOS s.n.c. , a cosmetic laboratory, was founded in 2008 by the will of Mr. Pignatelli, current partner of the company (together with his daughters), who has a long experience dedicated to cosmetics. Mr. Pignatelli began working in the sector, as a representative, back in 1978, later becoming a distributor for Puglia (in 1988). In 1995, to give impetus to the constantly evolving activity, LADYTIME proposed itself to the market with a new line of cosmetics under its own brand and with the constitution of a new simple limited partnership with family management. In 2002 the new "idea" of offering, to the now accredited clientele, customized products for gifts and / or promotions. The idea is so successful that it has become the "leitmotif" of the company, especially at the tanning centers, which in the meantime are also expanding rapidly in southern Italy. This new market demand leads to the current Almacos laboratory, and with it to the new production reality designed to satisfy increasingly important and demanding customers. The inflating activity is also and above all aimed at distributors and / or companies, at national level, with lines under its own brand. The availability of a graphic and printing unit, within the structure, facilitates and speeds up the realization of customizations, even for small distributions. Finally, in 2015 the new turning point: the establishment of the new company and the opening of a shop with the renewed brand ALMAGREEN.