COTTON CLUB is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Sara Crescentini
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This is an all-Italian story that began in Fabriano in 1981 when Roberto Crescentini, an entrepreneur of experience and talent, decided to invest skills and enthusiasm in this new adventure and founded the COTTON CLUB brand. A reality that over the years has become established as one of the leading brands in the world of corsetry and lingerie, known above all for the quality, the refinement of materials and the attention to craft details. Today COTTON CLUB is one of the most important Italian brands in the sector both on the national and international market with a distribution that takes place through retail sales, through specialized shops. Today the brand is divided into various lines including: - COTTON CLUB, historical brand, icon-symbol of quality fashion, divided into different lines; - RCRESCENTINI PRIVATE COLLECTION: exclusive high-end lines, characterized by a refined and sensual design that dresses an elegant and sophisticated woman. The brand is positioned on the highest market segments, involving the most qualified sales points and boutiques that pay particular attention to fashion trends. The fabrics used are of national origin and are worked with skill by Italian laboratories, all located in Italy, from a highly specialized workforce able to combine innovative design and artisan tradition. The company also carries out quality control, packaging design and production, and canning of the finished product. This is the novelty on which our company has decided to focus in a delicate moment like this: investing in Italy should be a source of pride for every manufacturer, MADE IN ITALY is in fact fashion par excellence, is synonymous with excellence in creativity and in fabrics, luxury and style, it represents the link with one's own land and with the country.