PAOLO DI MATTEO is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Rita Gabriella Piunti
(+39) 0861-917091
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Over 40 years of experience at the service of innovation, so we like to define our philosophy. Behind the very high quality of our products, in fact, there is a mix of experience and innovation, to guarantee a consistently high standard, our forty-year experience is combined with high quality and highly innovative machinery. The continuous search for detail and creativity in any production phase, and the rapidity of proposing the finished product to the customer in a very short time, complete our offer. Thanks to the vertical production we are able to offer a complete and flexible service that adapts to any type of requirement. The creation and development of prototypes, models, samples, research and acquisition of fabrics. Production, control, and shipping of garments, if required, also on international markets. The entire production process is guaranteed by the presence of a highly selected, qualified and competent work staff that has its added value in Italianness. Made in Italy in the fashion industry has always been synonymous with style and a guarantee of quality. The MANIFATTURE FDM is proud of this, for having maintained over time the totality of the creative, productive process in Italy. The MANIFATTURE FDM offers a complete range of services: from the acquisition of orders, to the study of the models, to the development of the samples, to the purchase of the fabric, to the cutting, to the packaging, to the ironing. To all this, rigorous quality control must be added before shipment, according to the production requirements and specific customer directives. We also work with companies that require certain phases of our services.