DEL CONTE is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Bruno Aver – Nicola Magon
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The Del Conte company was founded in 1984 thanks to the passion and knowledge of the Venetian leather manufacturer of Mr. Bruno Aver, president of the company. Located north of Vicenza, in the region that represents the heart of Italian artisan leather goods and which the owner wanted to strongly enhance by linking the name of its brand to the Palladian villa located near the plant. The passion that Mr. Aver dedicates to the creation of leather bags has made our design unique and known throughout the world for its beauty and quality. The choice of materials and the precision used in the manufacture of the product, as well as the respect for the Italian artisan tradition, are our strengths. The Del Conte collection is created thanks to the continuous study of our team of stylists and artisans, always looking for the most glamorous aspects of the moment in respect of quality, beauty, practicality (partitions, zips, pockets) and identification of one's own style. Every phase of product processing, from the choice of leather to cutting, from the assembly of accessories to the finish, is strictly carried out in compliance with a strict quality control within our laboratory.