TON GOUT is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Luca Pecile
(+39) 0432-808046
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Luca Pecile started his journey in the footwear sector in 1998, but his passion for this work was in his blood since he was a child, as passed on to him by his father, a man who worked in the footwear business all his life. Luca is a very ambitious and curious person and his determination to win a prominent place in the world of shoes, in 2014 led him to create his own brand: “ton Goût”, which in French expresses a choice, that of his own personal taste. Despite being a young reality in the field of fashion, “ton Goût” is rapidly acquiring international relevance and is highlighting considerable potential in foreign markets, with collections suitable for any type of customer. "Ton Goût" is an Italian brand, emblem of typically Italian elegance and style. The creation of the collections is based on experimentation and the search for new forms, with the use of materials that keep the interest and admiration of the customers high. The production is done entirely in Italy, by Italian artisans, with great attention to design, great care in the choice of materials and dedication to work. The "ton Goût" brand is the original and contemporary design that combines two stylistic directions, the classic and unshakable one and the more modern and innovative one. All materials used are natural and of high quality. The "ton Goût" collections are studied in detail and follow the latest fashion trends. The Luca Pecile studio represents the “ton Goût” brand all over the world and is located in via Venezia n.17 in Noventa Padovana, Padua.