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A happy intuition of the product (the corrective shoes) and the market leads Brunate to reach the highest level between the qualitative and quantitative relationships in Italy (and, marginally, in Europe). Between 1965 and 1975 the company is at the peak of its production potential and market popularity. Union pressures and economic, financial and social turbulence rose in the 1980s, forcing many labor-intensive companies operating in the North-West of Italy to be relocated, if not closed. One of the most affected sectors is the footwear sector (Vigevano, the world capital of footwear, experiences difficult years). Companies that produce children's footwear suffer in particular. The provinces where the crisis is felt most intensely are those of Turin, Alessandria, Pavia, Varese, Como, Milan; at the same time, updated and rational production structures are born and organized in areas with much lower labor cost levels, and where there are also subsidies in the form of public funding. The Brenta Riviera in Veneto, the Marche, Tuscany, Puglia and the Neapolitan area represent the areas of the new footwear settlements in Italy.   Brunate believes he will not disperse the huge heritage of footwear culture accumulated in over fifty years of activity that has involved two generations of managers, technicians and workers. Although forced to admit the unsustainability of the production of children's shoes given the changed market conditions, in the mid-80s the company restructured and equipped itself to produce women's and men's shoes. In the wake of its tradition, the product is of high quality; the outlet markets are Europe, with Germany leading market, North America, Australia and Japan.