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THE "GUARDOLO" PROCESSING TECHNIQUE A perfect shoe, extremely comfortable and elegant, made to last. For its realization SOLAZZO uses a long and delicate processing of English origin, a guarantee of exceptional quality: the Goodyear method. In the Goodyear process, the welt, a strip of soft leather, is sewn to the lip of the leather insole, also fixing the upper and the lining together. Then the sole is applied and sewn. A filling midsole is placed in the interspace between the insole and the sole. The final result, simply perfect, rewards the great skill and extreme precision necessary in this processing technique. THE CHARM OF A COMPLETELY HAND PROCESSING The Norwegian is one of the most complex construction techniques: it is a laborious process, which requires very long times, done exclusively by hand. Its realization begins after the upper has been skillfully shaped on the form. It takes two seams to complete the work: the first seam ties the upper to the insole, the second seam ties the upper to the sole. The result is the braided profile that draws the edge of the shoe with a marked and decisive stroke and offers a sturdy and solid shoe, ready to challenge time. A WRAPPING PROCESS AS A GLOVE This process is the quintessence of softness and flexibility. It is made by expert hands with mastery of the artisan technique, using light and elastic leathers, indispensable to carry out this type of processing with precision. Thanks to the seam on shape this shoe wraps the foot in the most natural way, offering comfort of fit and strength to walk in complete freedom. In tubular processing, the upper rises from the bottom to cover the sides, and is fixed to the mirror by means of a dense series of folds with the typical hand stitching.