Angelo Bervicato is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Angelo Bervicato
Raffaele Bervicato
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The "Bervicato" brand was born in 1982, thanks to the passion of the entrepreneur Angelo Bervicato for footwear and fashion accessories. The deep knowledge of the product and its construction (from the design of the model to the cut, from the choice of leathers to the seams, from the fixing of the sole and upper to the polishing) has allowed the company in a short time to build a solid reputation until it becomes a reference point in the sector. The study of the social context and the knowledge of the customer, give rise to surprising collections, in perfect style with the latest fashion trends, conditioning the taste to become a status symbol made in Italy, recognized throughout Europe and in many non-European countries: EUROPA 60 %, ASIA 20%, NORTH AMERICA 20%. Our shoes are produced in full respect of the environment, using clean energy, and thus reducing CO2 emissions.