MOLITECNICA SUD is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Carlo Pellicola
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Molitecnica Sud is a company specialized in the design, construction and maintenance of plants for mills, bakeries, pasta factories, feed mills, storage and auxiliary machines. The company offers "turnkey" systems, thanks to many years of experience acquired in the sector and the continuous search for perfection. In addition, it boasts a specialized know-how in tailor-made solutions, which allows the production of systems suitable for different needs. Specialized mill plants company Quality and reliability are the essential characteristics for developing innovative ideas in step with time. Molitecnica Sud is the ideal partner not only for the design, construction and installation of new systems, but also for the renovation and expansion of existing ones. The range of products offered as a company specializing in mill systems goes through all the processing phases in a highly automated context. Then starting from the reception and storage of cereals, passing through cleaning, grinding and mixing, and finally the packaging of the finished product.