Sinergy Cosmetics is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Sinergy Cosmetics
Henrich Nobili
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Sinergy Cosmetics was born in the old family farmhouse between vineyards and olive groves. Respect for nature merges in the heart of the brothers Roberto and Henrich Nobili with the love for beauty developed within the family hairdressing salons. Thus was born Sinergy Cosmetics which currently represents an Italian leader in the development of professional, innovative and technological cosmetics for all types of hair, maintaining the values of beauty and health unchanged. Thanks to the great support of our partners who love nature and well-being, today we represent the excellence of Made in Italy in professional hair in Italy and abroad. We always maintain our roots by combining traditions and technologies, to meet the needs of distributors, hairdressers, users. The heart of nature beats at the heart of every Sinergy project.