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Lelia Polini
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KEP Italia is an Italian company founded out of pure passion in 2007. The desire was to study and then produce a more comfortable, safer and more innovative helmet than what was available on the market until that moment: they wanted to offer the best helmet around the world, combining the best available in terms of design, technologies, raw materials and safety. Very high quality, compliance with the strictest safety regulations as well as aesthetic excellence have always been the key themes at KEP Italia. Lelia Polini and her closest collaborators left with a wealth of consistent experience: “We have collaborated with companies in the sector for several years, but I felt the 'need' to look beyond in terms of safety and aesthetics. We wanted to study something more innovative to be able to give the best to amazons and riders of any level and discipline. Safety, comfort, lightness and technical performance have always been our goals. " KEP Italia, after having launched its first model, has continued to seek excellence, using superior technologies and materials, applying continuous quality controls and conducted with the utmost seriousness, making every single helmet traceable and subjecting all models to the five international safety certification bodies for the equestrian sector. All this makes KEP Italia helmets 'superior': not an advertising slogan, but a real corporate creed. "I don't know if we will ever be able to reach the absolute maximum, but we will certainly do everything to get there" - confirms the management. The company, located near Bergamo in northern Italy, is a staunch supporter of 'Made in Italy': all the raw materials and all the details that make up KEP helmets are entirely made in Italy.