Felver is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Mauro Federoni – Cristian
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To confirm the true authenticity of origin of its products, Felver has obtained the 100% Made in Italy certification of origin and quality. Production certification with the "IT01 100% Italian Quality" system is issued by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers after an investigation and verification process. The 100% Made in Italy Certification is the only one that guarantees the authenticity of the product, confirming the Italian value of quality, guaranteeing consumer safety, making authentic Made in Italy recognizable compared to labels of partial Italian production or total foreign production. We put the utmost effort into the study and continuous research of the latest trends, shapes, finishes and materials with the aim of ensuring aesthetic appeal, maximum efficiency, functionality and quality of the products. Felver, Italian quality at the right price. In the production of Felver furniture, the choice of materials, environmental impact, energy consumption and waste disposal have always been integral values ​​of the company. Felver in its production uses class E1 ecological panels with "FSC 100% recycled" certification which certifies the exclusive use of post-consumer wood and for the production of which no trees are felled. In full respect of the environment, easily recyclable packaging is used and means of transport with controlled emissions are used, also making use of alternative transport methods such as intermodal transport, to offer a more efficient and ecological service. More and more families choose Felver every year to furnish the own sleeping area. Ensuring safety and health protection is always a corporate duty and a value of utmost priority. Felver uses in all its production, exclusively E1 class ecological panels with formaldehyde emission values ​​in full compliance with the limits imposed by the most stringent European regulations in force. Furthermore, for the upholstered items, it is also possible to choose fabrics with certified antibacterial treatment that ensures the hygiene of the fabric and prevents the establishment and proliferation of bacteria. Felver products as a perfect synthesis between environmental protection and extreme attention to consumer health. The continuous commitment, in full collaboration with suppliers and official retailers, to ensure maximum support for end customers is inherent in the company's DNA. This collaboration throughout the supply chain has made it possible to form solid bonds of mutual trust and weave an extremely compact working network; values ​​that allow the concrete satisfaction and assistance of end customers even after years of purchase. To meet the different market needs, this cooperation of the entire production and distribution chain is essential and represents a guarantee as well as one of the company cornerstones. Felver is a dynamic industrial reality that has been operating in the sector for over 30 years and is part of a recognized territorial context. as one of the most significant furniture production districts in Italy. The resourcefulness and dynamism of the entire local production chain have allowed the company to remain flexible over the years, to adapt and ride the constant change of the market. Reliability, initiative, collaboration and a spirit of adaptation distinguish Felver in the face of challenges, requests and new opportunities.