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Luca Savio – Carla Ravelli
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Born in Manerbio, in the province of Brescia, from the experience and passion of its founder Carla Ravelli in the field of clothing production for third parties, Confezioni Velvet is today a solid and at the same time highly flexible company, able to support stylists and houses fashion since the early stages of design and development of women's clothing models, providing a complete service that also includes modeling, the packaging of samples and prototypes and the production of complete commercialized items. Thanks to the specialization and professionalism of the highly qualified staff and the equipment of a large and constantly updated machine park, Confezioni Velvet is able to respond to the most diverse needs of the women's clothing sector for third parties, proving to be a particularly appreciated reference point at an international level. , capable of proposing innovative and customized solutions, always in the name of quality and maximum precision.