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Fortunato Mariotto – Giulia Mariotto
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962 / 5000 Risultati della traduzione We met in 1985, we both worked in the upholstery sector, but in two different companies. Then we became colleagues. Over time, a relationship of deep respect and friendship has been created between us, which is essential for undertaking an activity together. In 1995, on a cold winter day, after one of our long chats, we decided to join forces and give life to Diemme. The company was born working on behalf of third parties, but our vision has always been to dedicate ourselves to the creation of a coherent system of all our seats. After having passionately designed and created our first office chair, it was clear that this was the way to go. In a short time our first catalog came out, which was followed by the first successes. How can we forget our first fair. Many years have passed, but the memory of seeing our products introduced in the office world remains indelible.