FLORITELLI CUCINE is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

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The Floritelli Cucine production site is located in Umbria, two kilometers from the city of Assisi. The proximity to the SS75 makes the company easily accessible and logistically efficient. The production is entirely managed in the 12,000 square meters of property, reaching maximum production peaks that can reach fifty kitchens per day.The production of Floritelli Cucine ranges from traditional cuisine to the concept of contemporary design. The great attention paid to the use of latest generation materials, optimized technologies and hardware, are flanked by a great craftsmanship that guarantees a control and a unique personalization of the product. The quality of a product is not evaluated by what you see at the first moment, but it turns out by living it. The structural solidity, the materials, the finishing details and the functionality are characteristics that are not understood until after one has really lived in the kitchen. We conceive spaces, where cooking becomes just one of the infinite possibilities. Floritelli wants to challenge time, together with you. 60 years of history speak of a company that has followed the evolution of the kitchen project over time that has made it its own and transformed it into a unique product. The company's artisanal roots now merge with industrial production capabilities, guaranteeing an always innovative product, both in materials and in production processes.