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Giulia Ramina – Licia Migliorati
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Ramedical srls is a rapidly expanding company in the medical hygiene sector. It produces and markets medical devices, disposable surgical masks and personal protective equipment for hospitals, which are also useful for private use. The strength of this young and dynamic company is represented by the direct supply chain created with the network of its suppliers. Of strategic importance is the joint venture with the company Ramina Srl, one of the few companies in Italy and Europe producing Meltblown non-woven fabric with the help of the innovative Leonardo 1.0 pilot plant. The production plant of Ramina Srl guarantees the constant supply of the TNT PP Meltblown filtering part present in all Ramedical srls surgical masks. Thanks to this close collaboration, the company is able to cope with all phases of product creation, ensuring its customers the correct control of the production process and a continuous, timely and automated supply of surgical masks. Ramedical produces in Italy in the Carmignano di Brenta plant in the province of Padua and distributes both in Italy and abroad, with the aid of the CE marking of its products. Production Ramedical produces through two proprietary continuous cycle production plants.