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Paolo Marcantoni – Katia Bordonaro
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Thanks to the inventive spirit and commitment of Sergio Marcantoni, the beginning of the new century saw the birth of the patent for the SharkNet pleated insect screen. DFM, founded by him, is today the leading exponent in the field of the production of pleated insect screens, which constitute an original and leading product on the national market. Founded in 1979, in addition to having patented the pleated nets, the result of an innovative idea, the company has increased its productivity, thanks to the idea of ​​processing its products through the use of pleating machines installed inside of its own production centers. This allowed to speed up the operational phases of production, eliminating the need to turn to external companies. DFM extends its services to the entire Italian territory, starting from the north to reach the southern regions, and uses only national products for the construction of mosquito nets. The company's sales network is made up of 30 agents throughout the peninsula, who offer sales assistance and allow the worldwide export, to 35 foreign countries, of the original patent for the SharkNet pleated insect screen.