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With the progressive disappearance of silkworm breeding and the arrival of synthetic fibers, the Como tradition was relegated to a few printing works (bulwarks of square printing) that progressively printed less and less silk, which in honor of the ancient origins came all from China . If there is one thing that I have discovered in these years in which I have seen the birth of My Scarf in a Box ™, it is that: "Silk is no longer in fashion, old ladies remember it, they touch it with the expert hand of connoisseurs, but for one of my generation silk is something unusual, a luxury fiber, a thing for a few" The only contemporary declinations were the ties, the pocket squares and those beautiful colored scarves that found the maximum exponent of the category in the multicolored and kaleidoscopic prints of Hermes. What people usually don't imagine when buying a finished product, in a shop or in a boutique, is all that lies behind it, what in textile jargon is called the supply chain