LUISELLA MARIANI is a 100% Made in Italy Certified Italian Manufacturer

Alberto Manganini
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Attentive to the evolution of the market, the company immediately organized itself with flexibility to fulfill the requests coming from both large retailers and clothing store chains. Attention to wearability, selection of fabrics, controlled processing in every phase and detail make Mag Moda an indispensable point of reference for those looking for quality collections that interpret trends with personality and innovation. Ready to welcome the stimuli coming from the rapidly evolving society of the 70s and 80s, Mag Moda immediately expanded its stylistic approach by adding to the collections for the lady who loves to dress in a classic way, proposals aimed at the younger and more active woman. Based on the excellent results obtained, the management has therefore oriented its investments in this direction, so much so that very soon the clothing designed for the most dynamic customers has gained a previously unthinkable visibility. The commercial success recorded has further confirmed the validity of these choices and since 2000, with the acquisition of the Hot Cream brand, new younger and more sporty lines have joined the classic ones. Grandmothers, mothers and daughters, Mag Moda always has a dedicated proposal for each one. The company responds promptly to any request for customization of products and services arriving from customers.